Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not Thirsty for Thursday

Stally's Goal Line Stand

NFLN has a lot going on, but
good luck finding it on your TV.
Did you see the Chargers-Raiders game on Thursday night?

No!  Of course not.  Ot was on NFL Network on a Thursday!  Who the heck gets NFLN and who can afford to stay up until midnight on a week night trying to find it?

Look, we all enjoyed our Thursday nights in college.  Heck, I didn't take a Friday class after the fall of my freshman year.  However, most of us aren't in college.  Most of us are too dragged out to stay up that late watching a football game on Thursday.  And, most of us don't get NFLN anyway.

I am not at all excited that Thursday night football has started and I just don't get the appeal of it either.  Those nights are tough.  You've been working hard for four days and you're just kind of limping into Friday.  You're tired and worn out and really just want to get a little rest so you have some energy for the weekend.  You don't want to watch an NFL game.

Austen and I were talking and we both agree that Friday Night Football would be a much better idea for several reasons.  First of all, people would be willing to stay up later.  Second of all, Thursday has the reputation of being a heavy night for TV shows, Friday has the reputation of being light, so there's less competition.  Third, Friday's are a great going out evening/night, and, since most people don't get NFLN, more people would be likely to get out and watch the game at a local sports bar.

Traditionally, Thursday night football seemed to kickoff with Thanksgiving, but it's two weeks earlier this year.  I won't be watching many of the games and I don't know many people that were excited about this.  The NFL should look into revamping its timing of primetime games, because Thursday on NFLN isn't a good choice.

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