Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 8 Final Score

How did the Saints get
 battered by the Rams!? (AP)
Just when we thought the NFL couldn't get any weirder, NFC-power New Orleans got flattened by winless St. Louis.  Not Sam Bradford's St. Louis Rams mind you, A.J. Feeley's St. Louis Rams as starting QB Bradford is still out with an ankle injury.

That gave Stally the dubious distinction of being the first OX in the eight weeks of the blog to bust on the week's first pick.  Yet, despite taking the seven-point bath, Austen's picks weren't any better and Stally still took the Weekly Draft, as he swept out the week in ugly fashion.  Both guys botched the Pick 'Em and the Season Draft was the most lopsided it's been all season (although, Austen did get the Rams win, even if not much else).

Week 8

Stally 32
5 Draft Wins - Tennessee (6), Houston (5), San Francisco (4), Buffalo (3), Detroit (2)
3 Upset Wins - Kansas City (5), Pittsburgh (4), Minnesota (3)

Austen 23
*3 Draft Wins - Baltimore (7), New York-G (6), Cincinnati (2)
2 Upset Wins - St. Louis (7), Philadelphia (1)
*Note: no one-point pick

Pick 'Em

Stally 8-5
Austen 7-6

Season Teams

Stally 10 (20 points)
Baltimore, Buffalo, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Tennessee

Austen 3 (6 points)
Cincinnati, New York-G, St. Louis

Week 8 Final Score

Stally 60
Austen 36

Season Totals

Draft Picks

Stally 291
Austen 217

Pick 'Em

Stally 76-40
Austen 75-41

Season Teams

Stally 65 (130 points)
Austen 51 (102 points)

Current Score

Stally 497
Austen 394

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