Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 9 Final Score

Stally would be all for benching Peterson after
his 99-yard punt return killed his week. (Getty)
There were some great endings this week!

The Ravens and Giants both mounted two-minute drills while trailing to score game-winning touchdowns and steal road games against strong opponents.  Meanwhile, the St. Louis Rams had a game-winning field goal blocked and Arizona's Patrick Peterson made a rookie decision to field a punt at the one, before returning it 99 yards for the overtime game-winning TD.

It all made for an exciting weekend.  For everyone but Stally, of course.  He'd draft all three of the hard luck losers in the Weekly Draft and took a humbling return to reality in losing his first Stubborn OXen matchup since Week 2.

Week 9

Austen 38
6 Draft Wins - Houston (7), Green Bay (6), Atlanta (5), San Francisco (3), Cincinnati (2), New York-J (1)
4 Upset Wins - New York-G (5), Denver (4), Baltimore (3), Arizona (2)

Stally 18
3 Draft Wins - Dallas (7), New Orleans (6), Chicago (1)
1 Upset Win - Miami (4)

Pick 'Em

Austen 10-4
Stally 6-8 (As bad as it looks, Stally forgot to switch his initial pick from Cincinnati to Tennessee, so he actually went 7-7 on there.  Silver lining!)

Season Teams

Austen 8 (16 points)
Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Miami, New Orleans, New York-G, New York-J

Stally 6 (12 points)
Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Houston, San Francisco

Week 9 Final Score

Austen 64
Stally 36

Season Totals

Draft Picks

Stally 309
Austen 255

Pick 'Em

Austen 85-45
Stally 82-48

Season Teams

Stally 71 (142 points)
Austen 59 (118 points)

Current Score

Stally 533
Austen 458

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