Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 13 Final Score

Arizona's upset helped Stally pile on the points. (AP)
For the second time this season, Arizona went to overtime tied 13-13 at home.  And, for the second time, they delighted fans with a long touchdown score.

The game put Austen on the wrong side of the big upset over Dallas and capped off a week in which he saw his seven, five, four, three and two picks all go in the wrong direction.  All in all, it led to a lopsided win for Stally, as he set a SOB record high for points, and opened up a large lead with just four weeks left in the regular season.

At this point, it looks like the race to keep an eye on will be the Pick 'Em race.  Stally closed in two games and Austen now holds a four game lead.

Week 13

Draft Picks

Stally 54
7 Draft Wins - San Francisco (8), Baltimore (7), New Orleans (6), Pittsburgh (5), Green Bay (4), Tennessee (2), Denver (1)
5 Upset Wins - Arizona (7), Kansas City (5), Seattle (4), Houston (3), Carolina (2)

Austen 18
3 Draft Wins - New England (8), New York-J (6), San Diego (1)
1 Upset Win - Miami (3)

Pick 'Em

Stally 11-5
Austen 9-7

Season Teams

Stally 8 (16 points)
Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, New England, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Tennessee

Austen 8 (16 points)
Arizona, Carolina, Green Bay, Miami, New Orleans, New York-J, San Diego, Seattle

Week 13 Final Score

Stally 81 (SOB Season High)
Austen 43

Season Totals

Draft Picks

Stally 481
Austen 355

Pick 'Em

Austen 125-67
Stally 121-71

Season Teams

Stally 104 (208 points)
Austen 88 (176 points)

Current Score

Stally 810
Austen 656

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