Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Enough Chiefs

Make fun of Charlie Weis all you want,
but the Chiefs could use his command.
Stally's Goal Line Stand

In our current bureaucratic society, it's common for me to look at a roomful of people delegating responsibility to a select group of individuals.  It's almost an epidemic these days and the concept is simple: too many chiefs, not enough Indians!

That's not the case in Kansas City.  While their chiefs, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles, have gone down for the season with ACL tears, they needed more than just two chiefs to be successful this year.  They didn't have that.

The injuries are an easy cop out in KC for why the 2010 playoff team might end up at 3-13 or maybe worse, but they were headed for double-digit losses long before the workhorse RB became the second season casualty in Week 2.

In year's past, if you wanted to get a gauge on how bad you might be, you'd compare yourself to teams like Buffalo and Detroit.  Kansas City lost to the Bills 41-7 in Week 1 and 48-3 to the Lions in Week 2, so it's fair to say they're far worse!

The Chiefs negative 79-point differential after two games is worse than all but five teams over the course of the entire season in 2010.  That means that if they went even the rest of the way, they'd still be the sixth worst team in the NFL statistically.  That's a double-digit loss season!

While Trojans have always been quick to criticize Charlie Weis, he doesn't get the credit he's due as a football mind.  Sure, he couldn't recruit and Notre Dame's collapse proved that.  But, he won three Super Bowls as an offensive coordinator in New England (check out the banners hanging on the background of the blog to your right) and he instantly took the Chiefs from being a mediocre offense to one suited to take on the AFC's hard-nosed defenses.

Weis' departure to the University of Florida has obviously affected this team.  Although, even if the offense was averaging more than five points a game, it'd be hard to win a NFL game with a defense that gives up 44.5!

This team's bad all around.  They've gone from hosting a playoff game to being my new favorite for the first overall pick in 2012.

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  1. Don't forget about Tony Moeaki also being out for the year... and that Weis was running an offense with the Pats that knew the defensive play calls. That does tend to help out an offense.