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Season Preview: Team Draft

Stally and Austen divvied up forces.
The conference call took place Monday to draft the teams for the season! The results are in and here's some reflection on why the OXen took who they did.

The system works as such: the two alternate picking 16 teams a piece out of the 32-team pool. During the season, teams get one point for every game they win. Playoffs get interesting as the team gets two for a wild card win, three for a divisional win, four for a conference championship and five for the Super Bowl.

Austen called the coin flip as tails and (true to his Jets lineage) lost as it landed on heads, giving Stally the first pick. His choice won't surprise anyone!

Team Draft Results

Stally (Pick 1) - New England Patriots

Stally: At 14-2, New England was the best team in the league last year, despite what other teams might have considered a "rebuilding" year. They had the youngest defense in the league and it was amazing to see it come together and gel down the stretch. The Patriots also have this guy at quarterback named Tom Brady, that's apparently supposed to be kinda good. There's no reason that they shouldn't be the favorites entering the season.

Austen: Despite being a Jets fan, I can not argue with Stally taking the Pats first overall since they had the best record in football last season and seem to only have improved this offseason with the additions of Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco. I would have taken the Packers over the Pats with my first pick so Stally's Boston arrogance is already putting him at a disadvantage.

Austen (Pick 1) - Green Bay Packers

Austen: What a season the Packers had last year. They had 15+ players go on IR, many of whom were starters and they still won the Super Bowl. They also did not lose a game by more than 4 points all of last year, including almost knocking off the Pats with their backup quarterback. This team looks ready to take the next step and win the division, which is very important since it is hard to beat this team at home. I would be surprised, even with the "Dream Team" Eagles in their way, if they did not make the Super Bowl again this year. This looks like a dynasty that will last for a long time.

Stally: I was disappointed to see the Packers go. I was hoping you'd take really anyone but them: the Eagles or the Steelers maybe. I guess I'll have to buy blindly into the "Year of the Eagle." Jingwei might be able to weigh in since he knows more about Chinese custom, but when it comes to the NFL the "Year of the Eagle" doesn't seem to exist. Oh, well, see below!

Stally (Pick 2) - Philadelphia Eagles

Stally: Ugh! I didn't like this pick, as the Eagles have a history of choking. I think Michael Vick will regress some and I think some of the hype is overblown. That said, after Austen took Green Bay, Philly seemed like the next surest bet to have a strong season and bring me in a good amount of win points.

Austen: I could not have been happier that Stally took possibly my two least favorite teams with his first two picks. The Eagles have an insane amount of talent, but that does not always add up to a championship. It usually ends in disappointment. I think it will be the Eagle's suspect offensive line that causes them to fail to reach the lofty expectations that have been placed on them. Vick will not be healthy all year and Vince Young's hamstring injury could lead to Mike Kafka starting, which would not be good.

Stally: I might have passed if I'd known Vince Young was the back up. And, who's Mike Kafka?
Austen (Pick 2) - New Orleans Saints

Austen: I loved the Saints' draft and offseason in general. Cameron Jordan was a steal late in the first round and trading back into the first round to get Mark Ingram makes their offense even more difficult to defend. They really helped out their defensive line by adding nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin, who should really help them stuff the run. On top of all this, they managed to keep a lot of their talented free agents from walking. If not for a fluky loss to the abysmal Seahawks, they could have been back in the Super Bowl two years in a row. Looks for them to make a deep playoff run and most likely win their division.

Stally: That abysmal loss to the Seahawks took place because they weren't good enough to win their own division! I, again, don't see them winning their own division and thought this was an over draft. The Saints are like a poor man's version of the Patriots. A great QB that throws to a bunch of nobody's and hands off to several guys you wouldn't do more than flex in fantasy football.
Austen: This poor man's version of the Patriots won a Super Bowl only a year ago. When was the last time the Pats won a playoff game... oh yea, 2008 when they came oh so close to having the perfect season. Thank God for that other New York team!

Stally (Pick 3) - Pittsburgh Steelers

Stally: The Steelers are the polar opposite of the Eagles, which, I suppose makes sense since they're on the exact opposite side of the Quaker State. For all the excitement and fireworks the Eagles bring, the Steelers simply just win.

Austen: The Steelers have looked unstoppable in the preseason and this could be the year their offense really takes off. However, they have a lot of concerns on defense for the first time in years, since their defensive line and defensive backs are getting really old and ineffective. If not for a ton of drops by the Packers receivers, they would have been blown out in the Super Bowl. I see a lot of teams attaching their DBs early and often. Their defense might have to score a lot to keep up. Another injury to Troy Polamalu could knock them out of the playoffs.

Austen (Pick 3) - New York Jets

Austen: I waited until my third pick to take my hometown Jets, since I knew Stally would not take them early. However, I could not let them drop past this spot. Mark Sanchez finally looks much improved and should continue to improve over the season. Plaxico Burress should really help him out in the red zone. Sanchez is the key to the Jets' success this season. The defense should be top 5 in all categories, despite lacking a real pass rushing threat.

Stally: In the words of my fan base: J-E-T-S, suck, Suck, SUCK! Like the Saints, the Jets won't win their own division. Bill Belichick was out-coached in last year's playoffs for the first time in his career, and, most likely, his last.
Stally (Pick 4) - Atlanta Falcons

Stally: The Falcons were the best team in the NFC last year. Not the Eagles, not the Packers, the Falcons! For whatever reason, they're getting short changed, but I think they'll be just as good as last year.

Austen: The Saints and Bucs will be better and their schedule will be much tougher. Julio Jones adds a very explosive weapon to this offense, but I am not sure he will have as huge of an impact as the Falcons expect. Rookie receivers rarely have much of an effect on their new team in their first year. Also, the Falcons main problem last year was their defense, not their offense, and I am not sure Ray Edwards is the answer to all their problems. The Falcons should make the playoffs, but I am not sure this is the year Matt Ryan wins his first playoff game.

Stally: You have heard of Roddy White, correct? He's their top wide receiver. Ask yourself: will Julio Jones be as good as Brian Finneran? If you answered yes, then the offense has likely improved.

Austen: Actually Michael Jenkins was their number 2 receiver last season, and he is actually not all that bad. They will win a lot at home, but they are a terrible road team.

Austen (Pick 4) - San Diego Chargers

Austen: The Chargers had the top rated offense and defense last year, but missed the playoffs because they had the worst special teams the NFL has ever seen. That is not something you hear often. They drafted a few guys to help their kickoff and punt coverage and the new kickoff rules help them out a lot. Phillip Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and he gets his favorite target back in Vincent Jackson. They continue to benefit from being in a weak division.

Stally: I almost took them instead of Pittsburgh a few rounds ago, so definitely a steal. As far as the division, they'll be fine so long as the *big, bad* Raiders don't beat them again...twice!
Stally (Pick 5) - Baltimore Ravens

Stally: The guy in that stupid McNugget dipping sauce ad would likely call the Ravens the ding to the Steelers dong. The two teams can hate each other all they want but they're very similar in their hard-nosed defensive style and both of them turn in a lot of wins with that game plan.

Austen: The Ravens will again have to try to make the playoffs through the wild card spot, which will be increasingly difficult due to the growing talent in the AFC. Their secondary needs to make vast improvements if they hope to make the playoffs again. If rookie Jimmy Smith struggles, they could get off to a slow start which could kill their season. However, I love the addition of the underrated speed receiver Lee Evans and it should really change the way defenses game plan for the Ravens.

Austen (Pick 5) - New York Giants

Austen: The Giants always seem to play their best when their backs are up against the wall, which is why they play well in the start of the season, but then get cocky and fade out of playoff contention. Losing Steve Smith and Kevin Boss are big losses for Eli Manning, but he still has weapons in that offense that should get back to running the ball down teams' throats. They also have the best defensive end rotation in the NFL, which will always make them a playoff contender in this passing league.

Stally: I thought they were mediocre before they beat the Patriots in that game that will remain nameless, I thought they were mediocre in that game and I've thought they're mediocre ever since. I was happy to take a better divisional opponent with the next pick.
Stally (Pick 6) - Dallas Cowboys

Stally: Pardon me, Austen, while I pick the second-best team in the NFC East a pick after you took the third-best. The Cowboys were touted as a Super Bowl favorite and unraveled last year, especially after Tony Romo went down. That said, with a healthy Romo, another year of experience for potential studs Dez Bryant (WR) and Felix Jones (RB), I think America's (Former) Team might prove that last year's hype wasn't a hoax.

Austen: Sorry to burst your bubble, but Romo started the first 6 games last year and was 1-5 in those games. The Cowboys looked like the entitled and unmotivated team that they are. The Cowboys lack leadership, which cannot be taught. Maybe Jason Garrett has turned that around, but that has yet to be seen. Rob Ryan should help out their defense that was one of the worst against the pass last year, but his scheme will put the Cowboys' subpar corners in single coverage and I just don't see them holding up. Losing out on Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency might have cost them a potential playoff spot.

Austen (Pick 6) - Indianapolis Colts

Austen: Cowboys over the Colts! No way. The Colts are an extremely well coached team and I think they can go 5-0 even without Peyton Manning. If Peyton does miss some time, he will be even more motivated to bring his A game for the rest of the season. The offense will be better this year than last and the defense should be about the same. While I think the Texans might win the division, they won't do it by much. Last time the Colts did not win the division, they won the Super Bowl.

Stally: Ok. We agree that the lousy defense hasn't gotten any better. We agree the Texans are a better team. We agree the team is nothing without Peyton Manning and we agree he's currently injured. Heck! Scroll down and you see we even agree they'll go 9-7 and miss the playoffs. Where we don't seem to see eye-to-eye is that I'm supposed to buy your non-existent argument that they'll be any good. Let's move on so I can select the AFC South winner next.
Stally (Pick 7) - Houston Texans

Stally: Two picks in a row I've taken the better divisional team after Austen took the inferior one. The Texans stood poised for a break out season before Peyton Manning's injury made it seem like the Colts would be hobbled. Now, I'm going all in (Texas style) on this team.

Austen: As I said, the Texans should win the division, but I think their inexperience causes them to lose their first playoff game in team history, which very likely could be against the Colts. The Texans seem to be that team everyone is high on during preseason, but that quickly fades once they see them play in the regular season.

Austen (Pick 7) - Chicago Bears

Austen: I am not high on the Bears, but I was not last season either and they shockingly won 11 games and made it to the NFC Championship. Their defense has talent all over it, but they can be suspect against top quarterbacks, which should hold them back in the playoffs. Their offensive line was horrible last year and does not seem to have improved much, if at all, from last season. That could be their downfall, but they are the last team on the board that I can see making any sort of a playoff run.

Stally: I think I'm lower on the Bears than you are, but I'll agree that with the exception of the two nickels team I take next for the Bears' dime, there isn't much upside here. You might as well take a team that won a division over the eventual Super Bowl winner.
Stally (Pick 8) - Kansas City Chiefs

Stally: The Chiefs won the division last year. Do I think they'll win it this year? No, I was high enough on the Chargers that I considered taking them fifth overall (when I took Pittsburgh). That said, once we get to this point, we're theoretically out of the top-12 playoff teams, so I'm not going to discount Kansas City's potential for a repeat.

Austen: The Chiefs were a fluke last season thanks to the Chargers horrible special teams and one of the easiest schedules in the NFL. Any team that loses to the Raiders twice in one season should be automatically disqualified from the playoffs, but, unfortunately, everyone in their division lost to the Raiders twice last season. Their schedule will be much tougher and I don't see Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe putting up the gaudy numbers they did last season. Their offense is explosive, but has yet to be consistent which should cause the team to struggle.

Austen (Pick 8) - St. Louis Rams

Austen: The Rams are the last team on the board that is favored to win their division. Unfortunately, that division is the NFC West and should be won by an 8-8 team. Sam Bradford seems to be the real deal and he could take this team a long way. They have a great offensive line, lots of young talented receivers, and Steven Jackson, who is still one of the best running backs in the NFL. Their defense is also improving a lot and rookie Robert Quinn should provide a much needed pass rush they have lacked in the past.

Stally: Thanks for acknowledging Steven Jackson's talent as I feel he's often slighted because the Rams have been so bad for much of his career. I would have drafted St. Louis here as well for the same reasons you did. I'll even give it the benefit of going 9-7!
Stally (Pick 9) - Tennessee Titans

Stally: It's obvious to me we're on the back nine, so to speak. Where as I could see Kansas City making a legitimate run at the playoffs, the Titans are merely a team that I see winning enough games to make them worth my while.

Austen: Stally had apparently given up on the draft at this point because the Titans have no hope of even making the playoffs. Matt Hasselbeck is past his prime and he will mostly be there to hand the ball off to Chris Johnson. I think they will really regret cutting ties with both Jeff Fisher and Vince Young. Kenny Britt is their only reliable receiver and he seems to be incapable of staying out of jail. They are losing pass rushers to free agency and injuries left and right, and their defense was already pretty mediocre.

Austen (Pick 9) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Austen: The Bucs surprised everyone last season by winning 10 games and almost making the playoffs. Their schedule will be much tougher this year, but they should be vastly improved considering this is the youngest team in the NFL. Their biggest weakness last season was their defensive ends and they went out and drafted two very talented guys at that position. Look for Josh Freeman to put up Pro Bowl type numbers and for them to make the playoffs, possibly even winning a very tough NFC South.

Stally: "Josh Freeman's the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, and you can take that to the Waffle House. His record speaks for itself. He beat all the great teams. He beat Cleveland, Carolina, Cincy, St. Louis, Arizona, the Niners." No, not really! I'll keep my expectations the same as I did last year, so, when they go 5-11, I can say I told you so.
Stally (Pick 10) - Detroit Lions

Stally: This is probably the highest the Lions would have been taken since Barry Sanders retired prematurely so he no longer had to play for them. As I said to Austen on the phone, they'll probably be this year's San Francisco in that people set expectations so high that even if they do better than last year, they'll be considered a disappointment.

Austen: The Lions should be much improved, but they have a brutal schedule, mostly due to being in one of the best divisions in football. The Packers, Bears, and Vikings are all playoff contenders and the Lions could still end up at the bottom of their division. Matthew Stafford and Jahvid Best are too injury prone to be counted on and without both of them in the starting lineup, their offense could struggle with their porous offensive line that they refuse year after year to fix. I am also not sold on their defense being significantly improved because they are still very thin at cornerback and linebacker.

Stally: If the Vikings are a playoff contender, why do we have to scroll so much farther down to find them?

Austen: Key word is CONTENDER, meaning they could be in the playoff hunt. Any team that has even a decent quarterback, Adrian Peterson, and Jared Allen will be tough for any opponent. Tarvaris Jackson took this team to the playoffs before Brett Favre came into the picture.

Austen (Pick 10) - Seattle Seahawks

Austen: Getting a division winner this low in the draft has to be considered a steal. The Seahawks should be improved from last season since they are a very young team. I'm not saying they will win the division again, but they definitely have a shot at it. Tarvaris Jackson could surprise people this year with all the weapons Pete Carroll has laid at his feet.

Stally: C'mon, man! The Seahwaks could improve and still not post a winning season! Tarvaris Jackson had Sidney Rice in Minnesota as well and, instead of Marshawn Lynch, this guy named Adrian Peterson. He couldn't win there and they had to dust off Brett's wheelchair a few more years to replace him. This isn't a better situation than he had in Minnesota. Like Minni with Favre, Seattle will be wishing they'd held onto Matt Hasselbeck's aging bones a little longer.
Stally (Pick 11) - Denver Broncos

Stally: This team really flamed out last year under Josh McDaniels. I've always had a lot of respect for John Fox; anyone that can make it to the Super Bowl with Jake Delhomme at quarterback earns that! I think they'll be better, even if not great.

Austen: The Broncos' horrendous defense and the front office's inability to commit to Kyle Orton are the only things holding back this team. They will be much improved from last year, but they were the second worst team in the NFL last season, so that's not saying much. The Broncos defensive line will be the worst in the NFL this season after they are switching back to the 4-3 after just switching to the 3-4 two years ago. I think this is a big mistake, but either way, their defense will be one of the worst this season.

Austen (Pick 11) - Arizona Cardinals

Austen: Once again, Stally let's a possible division winner slip through his hands. Who knows who will win the NFC West, but I've landed the top 3 teams in the division, so I should have landed the winner with one of these teams. I don't think Kolb will become even a decent starting quarterback, but anything is possible throwing the ball to Larry Fitzgerald.

Stally: Take it from a guy that lived through the horror of NFC West last year, I want no part of this! The fact you took three out of four teams and seem to viewing your odds of having picked the division winner at 75% should speak for itself!
Stally (Pick 12) - Minnesota Vikings

Stally: I'm not too excited about the Vikings, but considering this is pick 23 of 32, it's hard to be excited about anyone. I'll give Donovan McNabb a go, especially since this was a team that made the NFC Championship just two seasons ago!

Austen: The Vikings have a ton of talent, but I cannot see them making the playoffs this season, or even being above .500. McNabb is past his prime and their offense took a huge step back by losing Sidney Rice. Losing Ray Edwards could really hurt that defense that is already terrible against the pass.

Austen (Pick 12) - Oakland Raiders

Austen: I can't believe I'm picking the Raiders, but any team that goes undefeated in their division needs to be given a chance. Losing Nnamdi Asomugha will really hurt their defense, but they have a lot of young, talented players who should step up. Hopefully Jason Campbell takes some strides and becomes a decent quarterback, but that's doubtful.

Stally: I said it last year when he got fired and I'll reiterate it: Tom Cable did a fine job with this team in 2010! There's no reason it should have gone 8-8 and no reason is should have gone better than 3-3 in the division, let alone swept it. They'll miss him a lot more than they'll miss Al Davis when he finally kicks it.

Stally (Pick 13) - Jacksonville Jaguars

Stally: Austen, you said it best after I selected them: they always seem to be in the playoff hunt late. Given, they never make it there, but when you look at a running back like Maurice Jones-Drew, there's reason to believe they could still put up a fight.

Austen: MJD's knee really concerns me. Losing Mike Sims-Walker should really hurt their passing game and make it very tough to run. David Garrard and Blaine Gabbert have looked awful in preseason. Their defense seems to get worse every year. That enough reasons why this team should be picking in the top-10 in next year's draft?

Austen (Pick 13) - Cleveland Browns

Austen: As I told Stally, the Browns have the easiest schedule in the NFL and could coast to 8 wins. Colt McCoy is making great progression and his intelligence and decision making should help them beat their subpar competition. Greg Little could end up being the rookie of the year since he will act as the Browns top receiver from week one. Oh yeah, and Peyton Hillis is an absolute beast and should bust right through the Madden Curse.

Stally: You know what the difference is between a good white running back and a good white basketball player? If you visit Duke's campus, you might actually be able to verify that good white basketball players exist. I'll buy that Colt McCoy is a good quarterback, I was the one that touted him so highly in college, I'll have you note! It's just that every so often the Browns seem ready to get over the hump and then they never do. A white back-up running back discarded by the lowly Broncos is not the answer. Now, a white back-up running back that starred in Hard Knocks and was discarded by the Jets, well...
Austen: Stally, watch the game tape. Hillis is a beast. I don't care if he's freaking purple, he's a top 5-10 running back.

Stally (Pick 14) - San Francisco 49ers

Stally: My old organization! It's not that I don't buy Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and the West Coast offense; he destroyed us Trojans for far too long. It's that he didn't have enough time to teach the system. Alex Smith (QB) is smart enough to pick it up quickly, but is rarely on the same page with his receivers and that won't change with the implementation of a complex system.

Austen: For far too long I have given Alex Smith the benefit of the doubt. He looks great when he is on his game, but when he isn't, he could stall any offense. This team simply does not have the talent to make any improvements from last season and they should end up with fewer wins than last year's disappointing season.

Austen (Pick 14) - Miami Dolphins

Austen: While the Dolphins might be the team I despise the most, landing them after the 49ers, who should be picking in the top 3 of the draft, is a steal. The Dolphins are constantly getting better. Chad Henne limits their upside, but they are much better than any team left on the board. Their defense could be top 5 this year.

Stally: I think they'll be worse than the Bills. And, as Bill Simmons would say (speaking of Bills), "You can take that to the Waffle House!" They have no quarterback, one running back that's always hurt (Reggie Bush) and the other's a rookie (Daniel Thomas) that Coach Tony Sparano says doesn't run "tough" enough and their only target is the kind of guy that quits on a team he doesn't believe in, like this one!
Stally (Pick 15) - Washington Redskins

Stally: When I took San Francisco, you asked: do you have faith in Alex Smith? My response was no, but I had more in him than Rex Grossman. It looks like John Beck is slated to start. Forgive me for sounding skeptical but it's hard to buy into a 30-year-old QB I haven't heard of since he was in college.

Austen: Well looks like Grossman is the official starter. Speaking of 30 year old quarterbacks, Grossman is a guy we have not heard much from since being the worst quarterback to make it to a Super Bowl, not exactly the title that you want attached to your starting quarterback. The Redskins are one of the worst teams talent-wise and that will show up in their win-loss column.
Stally: Although, Trent Dilfer still holds the title of worst quarterback to win a Super Bowl and he gets to broadcast on Sundays, so it might not be all bad.

Austen (Pick 15) - Cincinnati Bengals

Austen: Choosing between the Bengals, Bills, and Panthers is like choosing which flag girl to take to the prom. There is simply no good option. I'll go with the Bengals because they simply have more talent than the other two and Marvin Lewis is still a good coach. He is a frustrated coach, but he is a good coach. Also, there's still the 1% chance that Carson Palmer shows up at some point in the season, which gives this team more potential than either of the other two teams.

Stally: took a flag girl to the prom, huh? Tell me more about that experience. (What was her name???)

Austen: I don't want to talk about it..... Let's get back to football!
Stally (Pick 16) - Buffalo Bills

Stally: Sweet! I can't believe they fell all the way to me here in the last round. Actually, based on your utter lack of respect for them I can. I'll go on record saying I think they'll be better than last year, which means they just have to do better than 4-12!

Austen: They will be improved, but so has everyone in their division. Their improvement will not show up this season, but maybe in 2012. They have to replace almost everyone on their offensive line and start drafting better before I believe in them.

Austen (Pick 16) - Carolina Panthers

Austen: The worst team last year will be the worst team this year. It is as simple as that. I hope I can't get negative points for a team not winning a game all season.

Stally: Don't worry, buddy, I would have called tails on that coin flip also. Someone has to be the last kid picked in dodgeball. Speaking of picks though, at least the Panthers are still alive in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes for another year, since they'll get to use another first overall pick on a QB after the ticking time bomb that is Cam Newton implodes.

Season Outlook

Stally Austen

1. New England 13-3--------1. New York-J 12-4
2. New York-J 11-5*---------2. New England 12-4*
3. Buffalo 5-11-----------------3. Miami 7-9
4. Miami 3-13------------------4. Buffalo 5-11

1. Pittsburgh 12-4------------1. Pittsburgh 13-3
2. Baltimore 11-5*------------2. Baltimore 10-6*
3. Cleveland 6-10-------------3. Cleveland 8-8
4. Cincinnati 4-12-------------4. Cincinnati 4-12

1. Houston 11-5---------------1. Houston 10-6
2. Indianapolis 9-7------------2. Indianapolis 9-7
3. Tennessee 8-8-------------3. Jacksonville 6-10
4. Jacksonville 5-11---------4. Tennessee 6-10

1. San Diego 12-4-------------1. San Diego 11-5
2. Kansas City 10-6----------2. Kansas City 8-8
3. Denver 6-10------------------3. Oakland 7-9
4. Oakland 5-11----------------4. Denver 4-12

1. Philadelphia 13-3-----------1. Philadelphia 12-4
2. Dallas 11-5*------------------2. New York-G 9-7
3. New York-G 8-8------------3. Dallas 8-8
4. Washington 4-12-----------4. Washington 3-13

1. Green Bay 12-4-------------1. Green Bay 12-4
2. Detroit 9-7---------------------2. Chicago 9-7
3. Chicago 8-8------------------3. Detroit 8-8
4. Minnesota 5-11-------------4. Minnesota 5-11

1. Atlanta 11-5-------------------1. New Orleans 11-5
2. New Orleans 10-6*---------2. Atlanta 10-6
3. Tampa Bay 6-10------------3. Tampa Bay 9-7
4. Carolina 3-13-----------------4. Carolina 3-13

1. St. Louis 9-7------------------1. St. Louis 8-8
2. Seattle 6-10-------------------2. Seattle 7-9
3. San Francisco 5-11--------3. Arizona 6-10
4. Arizona 5-11------------------4. San Francisco 4-12


Wild Card Round
(3) Pittsburgh 20, (6) New York-J 17 (3) San Diego 28, (6) Baltimore 20
(5) Baltimore 24, (4) Houston 17 (5) New England 35, (4) Houston 24
(3) Atlanta 31, (6) New Orleans 23 (3) New Orleans 24, (6) Tampa Bay 17
(5) Dallas 30, (4) St. Louis 13 (5) Atlanta 31, (4) St. Louis 19

Divisional Round
(1) New England 23, (5) Baltimore 20 (1) Pittsburgh 27, (5) New England 24
(3) Pittsburgh 31, (2) San Diego 24 (2) New York-J 23 (3) San Diego 20
(1) Philadelphia 24, (5) Dallas 21 (1) Green Bay 35, (5) Atlanta 24
(2) Green Bay 28, (3) Atlanta 20 (3) New Orleans 38, (2) Philadelphia 28

Conference Championship
(1) New England 31, (3) Pittsburgh 27 (2) New York-J 24, (1) Pittsburgh 20
(2) Green Bay 27, (1) Philadelphia 23 (1) Green Bay 28, (3) New Orleans 24

Super Bowl
(1) New England 27, (2) Green Bay 24 (2) New York-J 34, (1) Green Bay 31

Can I just go on record as saying that I think you're a huge Rex Ryan homer for picking the Jets to win!?

Can I go on the record for saying you are a self admitted biased Pats fan. Tom Brady seems more concerned these days about UGG sales than winning a playoff game.

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  1. can IIIII just say the packers are going to beat the patriots in the superbowl? (although i hope they beat the jets in the superbowl..)