Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 2 Final Score

Jamaal Charles (and the Chiefs)
are the season's first major casualty. (Getty)
Sorry, we never finalized Week 1.  We needed to come to terms on how the scoring system works and, unlike the CBA on which all of America was waiting, it was really just our No. 1 Fan, Kelli, that was waiting on the Final Score.

Here's what we agree upon:

-Each weekly draft pick is worth the amount of points stated during the draft (eight through one).  The other guy, by default, gets the other team, so an inaccurate draft pick results in the opponent getting the points.
-Every correct pick in the weekly Pick 'Em is worth one point.
-Every win for one of the teams we drafted at the start of the season is worth two points.

Here's a look at how the first two weeks have shaken out:

Week 1

Draft Picks

Austen 45
5 Draft Wins- New England (8), Philadelphia (7), Houston (6), New York-J (3), Arizona (2)
4 Upset Wins - Buffalo (7), Washington (6), Cincinnati (4), Oakland (2)

Stally 27
4 Draft Wins - San Diego (8), Green Bay (5), San Francisco (3), Baltimore (1)
3 Upset Wins - Jacksonville (5), Chicago (4), Detroit (1)

Pick 'Em

Austen 8-8
Stally 8-8

Season Teams

Stally 9 (18 points)
Baltimore, Buffalo, Detroit,  Houston, Jacksonville, New England, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington

Austen 7 (14 points)
Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Green Bay, New York-J, Oakland, San Diego

Week 1 Final Score

Austen 67
Stally 53

Week 2

Draft Picks

Austen 42
8 Draft Wins - Pittsburgh (8), Houston (7), New York-J (6), Cleveland (5), New England (4), Tampa Bay (3),  Buffalo (2), Atlanta (1)
1 Upset Win - Tennessee (6)

Stally 30
7 Draft Wins - Green Bay (8), New York-G (7), Dallas (5), Detroit (4), Washington (3), New Orleans (2), Denver (1)
0 Upset Wins

Pick 'Em

Austen 15-1 (unheard of!)
Stally 13-3 (insane this was second best)

Season Teams

Stally 10 (20 points)
Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, New England, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Washington

Austen 6 (12 points)
Cleveland, Green Bay, New Orleans, New York-G, New York-J, Tampa Bay

Week 2 Final Score

Austen 69
Stally 63

Season Totals

Draft Picks

Austen 87
Stally 57

Pick 'Em

Austen 23-9
Stally 21-11

Season Teams

Stally 19 (38 points)
Austen 13 (26 points)

Current Score

Austen 136
Stally 116


  1. Can I just say that one thing I really like about the way I laid this blog out is how the Patriots banners are subtly hanging there in the background in their glory!?

  2. The Jets have one, it's just not show..... and its from 1969.

  3. i was kind of wondering how that was allowed, but decided it's okay because you keep sanch loud and proud at the top of the page, and we all know where that wet burrito* plays.

    *i know that's racist, internet, but i'm from LA and have a latino fetish so it's okay. it's also flattering because the hypothetical sauce on the burrito is what keeps him from slipping out of so many tackles.