Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 3 Final Score

Nobody wins when Tom Brady loses. (AP)
Stally took home his first win in three tries, thanks to his first winning week of draft pick choices.  However, neither manager went home happy as they each lost the karma battle by picking the other guy's team for big points against perennial duds.

Austen took Stally's Patriots for seven-points over the Bills and Stally reciprocated by taking Austen's Jets over the Raiders for six-points.  Both picks failed, so neither guy went home with a big smile on his face.

Both put up impressive pick 'em weeks, with Austen again coming out on top.  Austen also finally saw his season picks come out on the positive end, after Stally had opened up the first two weeks at 19-13.

Here's a look at this week's final score,

Week 3

Draft Picks

Stally 42
6 Draft Wins - San Diego (8), Baltimore (7), Cleveland (5), Green Bay (4), Seattle (3), Carolina (2)
3 Upset Win - Buffalo (7), New York-G (5), San Francisco (1)

Austen 30
5 Draft Wins - Pittsburgh (8), Detroit (6), Tennessee (4), New Orleans (3), Dallas (2)
2 Upset Wins - Oakland (6), Tampa Bay (1)

Pick 'Em

Austen 12-4
Stally 11-5

Season Teams

Austen 9 (18 points)
Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, New Orleans, New York-G, Oakland, San Diego, Seattle, Tampa Bay

Stally 7 (14 points)
Baltimore, Buffalo, Dallas, Detroit, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Tennessee

Week 3 Final Score

Stally 67
Austen 60

Season Totals

Draft Picks

Austen 117
Stally 99

Pick 'Em

Austen 35-13
Stally 32-16

Season Teams

Stally 26 (52 points)
Austen 22 (44 points)

Current Score

Austen 196
Stally 183

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