Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to the Stubborn OXen Blog!

Elmore (left) and Stallsmith in 2007.
The Stubborn OXen Blog is launching for the 2011 NFL season.  Going by the nickname of The Sob Story, the blog will pit the opinions of the two vastly different, well-informed football talking heads against one another.

The two met as Theta Chi (OX) fraternity brothers at the University of Southern California, from which they both graduated in 2009.  On Saturday, the two lived in a world of roses as they watched their Trojans attend four consecutive Rose Bowls in Pasadena.  On Sunday's, they rarely spoke.

In one corner will be Jonathan Stallsmith.  He's a proud New Englander with a deep rooted arrogance for  winning.  He embodies everything that is wrong with the Boston area fan base...and loves it!  He intends to swipe the feet out from under any New Yorker at any point he can.

Which leads us to the intrigue of the opponent in the other corner: Austen Elmore.  Growing up with a passion for football on Long Island, he quickly attached himself to the New York Jets at a young age.  Before he liked the Jets, he hated baseball and that only spurred his affinity for the football team.  However, as Stallsmith often reminds him, Elmore is frustrated by the Jets disheartening past.  The team has yet to make a Super Bowl appearance in his life, but as they appear to be taking flight, he's no longer afraid of the Big, Bad Patriots or anyone in its fan base.

Each week during the season, the two writers will square off in a draft-style pick 'em.  They'll alternate turns picking which team they think is most likely to win and providing an explanation of the rational.  The other guy will then have the opportunity to interject why the lousy team he got stuck with might have a chance to win the game.  (Good luck with trying to explain how Cam Newton will win more than four or five games this year!)

They'll also provide insight on some of the top stories around the league, and, for the sake of intelligence, close out the blog with a straight pick 'em to see which person is generally smarter, not only in life but also, in picking more winners during the season.

Fight's on, Trojans!


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