Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 5 Final Score

The Stubborn OXen always said the Raiders
would get better when Al Davis passed. (AP)
The bye week took its toll on fantasy teams this week, but it also threw the Stubborn OXen off.

In the usual Weekly Draft, Stally missed two of six picks, while Austen missed four of seven.  The inaccuracy carried over to the Pick 'Em with the two combining for a mere .500 record, with Austen posting a disappointing 6-7.  With the final scorecard tallied up, Stally sweeps the three categories for the second time in as many weeks to open up a formidable lead.

Ironically, Austen's now lost three straight weeks in tandem with the Jets (perhaps it's not a coincidence) and seems to be mimicking their outcome.  You assume he'll be hoping for a turnaround both on the field and the blog as the Jets host the Dolphins in what threatens to be the second Monday night clunker of the season for Miami.

But, that's this coming week, here's the scorecard from Week 5:

Week 5

Draft Picks

Stally 39
4 Draft Wins - New England (7), New Orleans (6), Green Bay (4), Cincinnati (3)
4 Upset Wins - Seattle (7), Oakland (5), Minnesota (4), Pittsburgh (3)
*Note: no one-point pick

Austen 16
3 Draft Wins - San Diego (6), Detroit (2), San Francisco (1)
2 Upset Wins - Buffalo (5), Kansas City (2)

Pick 'Em

Stally 7-6
Austen 6-7

Season Teams

Stally 7 (14 points)
Buffalo, Detroit, Kansas City, Minnesota, New England, Pittsburgh, San Francisco

Austen 6 (12 points)
Cincinnati, Green  Bay,  New Orleans, Oakland, San Diego, Seattle

Week 5 Final Score

Stally 60

Austen 34

Season Totals

Draft Picks

Stally 188
Austen 155

Pick 'Em

Austen 50-27
Stally 49-28

Season Teams

Stally 42 (84 points)
Austen 35 (70 points)

Current Score

Stally 321
Austen 275

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