Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 5: Landing in New England

Over the last two weeks, Jets fans
have had to hide in shame. Is this
the week they get turned around?
Today's big game is clear, since the kickoff of the Stubborn OXen Blog at the start of the 2011 season, this will be the first time Stally's Patriots and Austen's Jets will take on one another.

It poses to be an crucial game.  The Jets have lost two straight and need the win to get back on track for another playoff run.  The Patriots were embarrassed at home in last  year's playoffs to New York and look to make up for that by burying the Jets  in the division.

Stally's Editor's Note: Sorry if my response to Austen's picks don't seem to fit what he said.  I'm playing in a golf tournament this afternoon, so I typed all mine in one sitting.

Austen (Seven-Point Pick) - @New York-G over Seattle

Austen: In a week that seems to have a lot of close matchups, this has to be the hands down best pick. The Giants are a little dinged up, but the Seahawks are terrible and they have that cross country trip that I always talk about, which really hurts them. 

Stally: The Giants were an obvious choice.  I expected this so much I had my first pick lined up even though my computer hadn't fired up when we started the phone call.

Stally (Seven-Point Pick) - @New England over New York-J

Stally: That's right!  I'd been wanting to take this one for weeks as a statement pick.  That said, Vegas agrees with me to the point that when I checked the other day this game had the second highest spread (aside from the Giants-Seahawks).

Austen: Another bold and cocky move by Stally. I obviously had the Jets in this one so I love that Stally took this game so high. I think the Jets are finally going to come out hot in this one. The Patriots terrible defense is just what the Jets need to get their swagger back.  

Austen (Six-Point Pick) - San Diego over @Denver

Austen: Stally unnecessarily taking the Pats early allows me to gobble up clearly the second best matchup this week. The Chargers are on the road, but Denver might be the worst team in the NFL and I see the Chargers rolling in this one. Did you see what Aaron Rodgers did to this defense last week? He threw for over 400 yards and scored six touchdowns, SIX! Look for arrogant Phillip Rivers to come out with a mission to try to match those numbers. 

Stally: Sure, I expect San Diego to win, but the injuries are starting to worry me and they're on the road, so I'm not overly confident.

Stally (Six-Point Pick) - New Orleans over @Carolina

Stally: The Panthers have clearly improved with Cam Newton, it's time I start admitting that.  However, while this one might stay close, I can't see the Saints losing.

Austen: This is still a game that the Saints have to win if they want to solidify themselves as one of the top teams in the NFL. However, the Panthers are much improved and the Saints always seem to lose one game a year to a terrible team on the road. Maybe this is the week?

Austen (Five-Point Pick) - @Houston over Oakland

Austen: This is the only pick left on the board that I have any real confidence in. The Raiders might up their game due to the passing of owner Al Davis, but I still see the Texans prevailing. Arian Foster should destroy the Raiders defense and the Texans should coast to a victory.

Stally: Part of me expects the Raiders to put up a great performance to honor Al Davis' life, part of me hopes they lay a smelly egg and lose 31-3 to thank him for what he turned this team into over the last 10 years.

Stally (Five-Point Pick) - Philadelphia over @Buffalo

Stally: I'll be honest, this was a painful choice.  I just think the Eagles are the better team and will win, but it took a lot to pick a 1-3 team to go on the road and beat a 3-1 team for five confidence points.

Austen: Going into Buffalo to win a game has magically turned into a tough matchup. The Eagles definitely were looking at this game before the season started as an easy win, but not anymore. Look for Fred Jackson to have a huge game against the Eagles' terrible run defense. The Eagles are going to have to put up a lot of points to keep up with the Bills (I can't believe I just wrote that).

Austen (Four-Point Pick) - Arizona over @Minnesota

Austen: I look for Kevin Kolb to have a huge game against the Vikings terrible pass defense. Larry Fitzgerald poses a huge problem for the Vikings who struggle to cover elite receivers. They are struggling to stop the run as well and Beanie Wells could put up big numbers as well. The Vikings don't have enough firepower to keep up with the Cardinals.

Stally: There's not a lot of scenarios I'll take Arizona on the road, not even at 0-4 Minnesota.  The Cardinals just aren't very good.

Stally (Four-Point Pick) - Green Bay over @Atlanta

Stally: Green Bay destroyed Atlanta in the Georgia Dome during last year's playoffs.  With so many coin flips, that gives me confidence to make this pick.

Austen: For the reason Stally just mentioned, I think there is a good chance the Falcons pull off an upset. They were embarrassed at home last year in the playoffs after having the best regular season record in the NFC and I think they are going to come in ultra prepared for this matchup. Also, they are almost impossible to beat at home. I still side with the Packers, but it will be close.

Austen (Three-Point Pick) - Tennessee over @Pittsburgh

Austen: I don't really like this pick since I think Stally probably would have sided with the Steelers, despite all of their injuries. However, I really think the Steelers are falling apart, especially on defense. Chris Johnson seems to have his mojo back and Matt Hasselbeck has been one of the most impressive quarterbacks so far this year (yes, I actually just said that). 

Stally: This is a tough one to call as the Steelers are noticeably beat up and it just came down Rashard Mendenhall will play sparingly and won't start.  But, c'mon man!  Since when have we been picking the Titans to win road games in Pittsburgh!?

Austen: Since now. Since when is going into Buffalo a tough matchup for the Dream Team? Its a weird year in the NFL and the Steelers are falling fast.

Stally (Three-Point Pick) - Cincinnati over @Jacksonville

Stally: I think Cincinnati has shown more signs of talent in the early going.  It will be interesting to watch two rookie quarterbacks duel, but that's about the only reason to pay attention to this one.

Austen: I don't think anyone is going to watch this game and that's one of the reasons I stayed away from this matchup. Both of these teams stink and you never know what you are going to get with either of these teams.

Austen (Two-Point Pick) - @Detroit over Chicago

Austen: I think this will be another close game and that's why I am siding with the Lions. They are finding ways to win close games in a way they have never done in the past. This might be the game they play four solid quarters of football.

Stally: I think it's time the Lions lost.  It should have happened last week, it could happen this week against their long time rival.  The Bears are the kind of team that beats you if you sleep on them.

Stally (Two-Point Pick) - @Indianapolis over Kansas City

Stally: It's time Indianapolis won a game and at home against a poor Chiefs team sounds like the right medicine.

Austen: If the Colts lose to the Chiefs, they are going to land Andrew Luck in the draft this year. If the Chiefs lose, they are going to land Andrew Luck in the draft this year. I like the way Curtis Painter played last week and I think he will lead this team to its first win this year, but he is still Curtis Painter. This could go either way.

Austen (One-Point Pick) - @San Francisco over Tamp Bay

Austen: The 49ers are really impressing me so far this season and their defense is way better than I though it could possibly be. The Bucs have a short week and have that cross country trip that I dread so much (sorry for continuously bringing that up). I see the Bucs struggling to run the ball and that's the reason they lose this game.

Stally: This is the first time I'll pick Tampa Bay and Austen won't.  I was at the worst game last year when the Bucs beat the 49ers at home 21-0 and that still leaves a bitter taste.  At 3-1, the Niners have been playing above their ceiling and I expect them to fall back to a .500 reality soon.

Philadelphia @ Buffalo
Stally: Philadelphia
Austen: Philadelphia

New Orleans @ Carolina
Stally: New Orleans
Austen: New Orleans

Oakland @ Houston
Stally: Houston
Austen: Houston

Kansas City @ Indianapolis 
Stally: Indianapolis
Austen: Indianapolis

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville
Stally: Cincinnati
Austen: Cincinnati

Arizona @ Minnesota
Stally: Minnesota
Austen: Arizona

Seattle @ New York-G
Stally: New York-G
Austen: New York-G

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh
Stally: Pittsburgh
Austen: Tennessee

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco
Stally: Tampa Bay
Austen: San Francisco

San Diego @ Denver
Stally: San Diego
Austen: San Diego

New York-J @ New England
Stally: New England
Austen: New York-J

Green Bay @ Atlanta
Stally: Green Bay
Austen: Green Bay

Chicago @ Detroit
Stally: Chicago
Austen: Detroit

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  1. With all the holes they have on defense and Peyton Manning at the helm, why would the Colts use the first pick on Andrew Luck!?