Friday, October 21, 2011

What Are the Broncos Doing?

Austen's Goal Line Stand

The Broncos are going all in on Tim Tebow
being their fearless leader, but why do they
continue to trade away talented players?
I thought the Broncos were crazy when they traded away a disgruntled Jay Cutler for a slew of draft picks, and I still think they were considering they are still looking for a franchise quarterback and have drafted extremely poorly.

I did not like the move to trade away Brandon Marshall because they had no one to replace him and he was by far the most talented player on their team. However, I understood considering they were not going to resign him because of all his personal problems, which turned out to be worse than anyone imagined. Maybe it ended up being a good move for the team, but I am not a fan of bailing on you players when they hit a rough patch because it shows that the organization does not support its players.

After both of these big trades that really did not pan out for the team, considering they have not had a winning season 2006 and look to currently be one of the worst teams in the NFL, I thought their days of trading away their top players was over. I was hoping it was a Josh McDaniels problem that the Broncos solved by firing his arrogant butt. However, that is clearly not the case considering they just traded their best offensive weapon, Brandon Lloyd, for a 6th round pick.

Are you kidding me?

This guy lead the league in receiving yards last season and he has still been a consistent weapon for whatever quarterback is on the field for the Broncos. While he might be 30 years old, he is still in the prime of his career and would have been a great weapon to help Tebow develop as a passing quarterback, which is a big work in progress. And, you basically give him away for a sixth round pick, that might turn into a fifth round pick?

Considering how poorly the Broncos have been drafting in all rounds, the fact that they think they can replace Pro Bowl talent in the fifth or sixth round is absurd. Their offense has been struggling with Lloyd in the lineup, how do they think they are going to make this team better by getting rid of him? This move makes no sense unless they are going all in for the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes (referring to Stanford's quarterback Andrew Luck who looks to be the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft).

If that is the case, then I fully understand why they would bench Kyle Orton for Tim Tebow, who should not be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Orton has been an efficient quarterback and has made this offense run as effectively as possible, but there is such a lack of talent on this team, Orton and the rest of the offense has really struggled. While Tebow is a great guy and a hard worker, that does not make you a good quarterback.

As a Jets fan, I know this all too well. We had a guy who was a great leader, a hard worker, and one of the nicest guys in the NFL. His name was Chad Pennington and he held back the Jets offense for years because he was too respected to cut, despite his lack of physical abilities. I see naming Tebow as a big mistake that will hold back this organization, but it is clearly not the biggest mistake they have made this season alone.

Growing up respecting the Broncos organization and watching them win Super Bowls, it is tough to see them fall this far. Maybe they should bring back Jake Plummer, since he led them to their last winning season? Things could not get much worse for the Broncos 2011 outlook.

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  1. Haha, let me clarify that I liked the game plan of bringing in Tim Tebow for about a quarter to throw off a defense's game plan. However, I vehemently opposed the notion that he was the guy you'd want out there for the whole game. His style will become easy to defend (QB spy) and he's likely to get his head taken off since he trucks up the middle like a running back but approaches it with the recklessness of a QB scramble.