Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 7 Final Score

Ray Rice and the Ravens took a
step backward losing to the Jags. (AP)
The Jets pulled out a late victory, but it was still another rough week for Austen.  He had another unlucky week with most of his logical picks (Baltimore over Jacksonville, for instance) going against him, while Stally was one Plaxico Burress away from getting all of his picks right.

It's also important to note for those really keeping track, we had a Week 4 scoring gaffe.  Our spreadsheet said both of us were correct in picking Pittsburgh, which lost to Houston, so we've both been deducted one win in Pick 'Em.

Hopefully there aren't any such issues in this week's final scorecard.

Week 7

Stally 39
*5 Draft Wins - Green Bay (7), Pittsburgh (6), Cleveland (5), Chicago (4), Denver (3)
4 Upset Wins - Jacksonville (6), Kansas City (4), Atlanta (3), Houston (1)
*Note: no one-point pick

Austen 16
3 Draft Wins - New Orleans (7), Dallas (5), Carolina (2)
1 Upset Wins - New York-J (1)

Pick 'Em

Stally 9-4
Austen 8-5

Season Teams

Stally 7 (14 points)
Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Pittsburgh

Austen 6 (12 points)
Carolina, Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, New Orleans, New York-J

Week 7 Final Score

Stally 62

Austen 36

Season Totals

Draft Picks

Stally 259
Austen 194

Pick 'Em

Austen 68-35
Stally 68-35

Season Teams

Stally 55 (110 points)
Austen 48 (96 points)

Current Score

Stally 437
Austen 358

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