Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 6 Final Score

Vintage Brady didn't flash the stats,
he just won the game. (Getty)
Week 6 was a ho-hum week by most accounts.  The Stubborn OXen each went 10-3 in pick 'em and combined to go 9-4 in the weekly draft.  Three of the four draft busts were the final three picks of the draft, so they had little impact.

Austen took the bath of the week when his five-point pick Saints were excommunicated by Tampa Bay.  But, Stally's been outspoken against the Bucs all season, so there wasn't much chiding from that camp.  In New England, Stally's karma pick for the game he was attending was treated to a vintage Tom Brady game-winning drive to salvage a fourth consecutive week of winning the weekly draft.

Here's a look at the final scorecard.

Week 6

Stally 32
5 Draft Wins - Green Bay (7), New England (6), New York-J (5), Cincinnati (4), Baltimore (3)
2 Upset Wins - Tampa Bay(5), Philadelphia (2)

Austen 23
*4 Draft Wins - Pittsburgh (7), Atlanta (6), Chicago (4), Oakland (3)
2 Upset Wins - San Francisco (2), New York-G (1)
*Note: no one-point pick

Pick 'Em

Stally 10-3
Austen 10-3

Season Teams

Austen 7 (14 points)
Chicago, Cincinnati, Green Bay, New York-G, New York-J, Oakland, Tampa Bay

Stally 6 (12 points)
Atlanta, Baltimore, New England, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco

Week 5 Final Score

Stally 54

Austen 47

Season Totals

Draft Picks

Stally 220
Austen 178

Pick 'Em

Austen 60-30
Stally 59-31

Season Teams

Stally 48 (96 points)
Austen 42 (84 points)

Current Score

Stally 375
Austen 322

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